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Tools and Tips

Tools and Tips for scambaiting! You can sort by type of scam, or click "All" to view all tools!
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BobRTC is the website where you can call scammers.



NorthWatch is the fake bank to mess with scammers.



VirtualBox is an easy, free, open-source way to run a VM. VMWare is more feature-rich, and is better supported by the scambaiting community, but is closed source with free and paid options.

VirtualBox VMWare VM Setup Guide (YouTube)
By Jim Browning
VM Setup Guide (PDF)
By ShivaTheScamDestroyer
System Info Mod for VirtualBox
By MsSunShine


The Fake Address Generator creates a Name, Race, Birthday, SSN, Address, Phone Number, Username, and much, much more to help with scambaiting.

US Address Generator CA Address Generator UK Address Generator AU Address Generator Other Address Generator

Fake Identity Generator

MailBait fills your inbox with spam, junk, and (most importantly) scams.

WARNING: DO NOT run this on your main email account.



Windscribe is a free VPN (they do offer paid plans) that is great for scambaiting. You can run it on your main system to change your VMs IP and you can use it whenever accessing sites created by scammers.

Windscribe (Affiliate Link)


The SSN Verifier/Generator does exactly what it says, generates and verified Social Security Numbers. It can even give an approximate Age and Location.

SSN Verifier SSN Generator

SSN Verifier/Generator

Nomorobo is knows for their Robocall blocking, but they actualy have a great database of robocall numbers. If you aren't having any luck with BobRTC, you might want to check here.

Nomorobo Robocaller Lookup


Track This was made by Firefox to make it harder for advertisers to track you. You can use it to flood your browsing history with a couple of clicks.

Track This

Browsing History Flooder

Ninite is a great way to install a bunch of programs on your Scambait VM. For bonus points, just select everything and watch as your desktop fills with shortcuts.



The Credit Card Generator is an easy, fast way to get a Credit Card that will validate in a basic credit card checker, but will be declined with you actually charge to it.

Credit Card Generator

Credit Card Generator

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